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Seaking LTD -Comissioning of kitchen equipment

Rolls Royce Oy Ab -Ship Intelligense control units

JM Sisu -air conditioning control units

Finnish navy - I/O racks and cabinets

WSY -Shipyard ships power feed from land and  power units

Several ferries -24Vdc mainboards

Several ships drive- and  control panels. WT- and FA- doors control- ja mimicry panels. 400/230V mainboards

Valmet Technologies, Inc.

Instrumentation of Scrubber modules (power and pneumatics)


AB-Marinel Oy manufactures Control Cabinets, Control Units, Switches, Starters, Main Switchboards, Bridge- and Engine Control Room Panels.

We have wide scale of different testing and measurement equipments in use.

We do comissioning inspections, FAT-, PAT testing,  analysis of quality of electricity, thermal imaging and many other tests.

From all tests we provide reports for our clients.

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